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Our Rooms

Here at Incredible Kids Ashby Day Nursery we are a 91-place nursery and offer:

24 places within our Baby Room
31 places within our Toddler Room
36 places within our Pre-School Room

Baby Room Ashby

Baby Room 12 weeks to 24 months

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Toddler Room 24 months to 36 months

incredible kids nursery derby

Pre-School 36 months to 60 months

Baby Room 12 weeks to 24 months

The structure of our Baby Room is open plan and can accommodate children aged 12 weeks – 24 months. It is brilliantly designed into different areas including a safe crawl area for the babies and space to explore for the older ones. All of our furniture and resources are of high quality, purchased from Community Playthings.

We have a Key Person system in which every child is allocated a Key Person who meet individuals’ needs based on their home routine.

The children are provided with a daily diary which staff complete every session to inform you of how your child has been during the day, what activities they have been doing and what they have eaten. All Staff will also ensure a full hand over takes place upon collection.

The ratio of Staff to children within this room is 1:3 to ensure the highest level of care for all children, and always time for lots of cuddles!

Our self-contained Baby Room includes:

  • Safe crawl area
  • Hard-Floor area for Messy play / Meal Times
  • Flexible Open play area (includes a Black & White area, loose parts play & dedicated Sensory Room)
  • Access to Outdoor area
  • Self-contained Milk Kitchen
  • Separate Sleep area with Cots & Sleep Beds (Observation windows are fitted to monitor sleeping children)
  • 2 x Changing areas

Toddler Room 24 months to 36 months

This is a free flowing room with access to an outdoor area. The Staff within this unit plan structured activities that are inviting and, age & stage appropriate following the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The ratio of Staff to children within this room is 1:4 to ensure a high quality of care and enabling small group activities to take place. We have a Key Person system in which every child is allocated a Key Person. At the end of the day a member of Staff will give you a full hand over of what activities your child has been taking part in, what they have eaten, if they have slept etc. This information will also be written in their daily diaries.

Our self-contained Toddler Room includes:

  • Free flow Outdoor area (includes a growing area)
  • Hard-Floor area for Messy play / Meal Times
  • Flexible Open play area (includes a Home Corner, Dressing Up and Music & Movement area)
  • Cosy area
  • Sleep area
  • Changing area & Toilet facilities for those who are potty training

Preschool Room 36 months to 5 years

We have a more structured routine within Pre-School including circle time, self-registration, small group activities etc. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage as a guide to plan age appropriate activities and next steps for each child.

Within Pre-School we begin to introduce school readiness and promote independence. During meal times we have self-service, and in a morning, we have self-registration.

Throughout the day your child will have access to a variety of adult led activities, in conjunction with free choice play, where they can choose what they wish to do/play with.

Pre-School has a fantastic free flow outside area which they can access throughout the day whenever they choose.

Each child will have a Key Person who will individually plan activities and next steps for them.

The ratio of Staff to children in this room is 1:8, this allows Staff to provide high quality care of small groups.

Our self-contained Pre-School Room includes:

  • Viewing Pane
  • Free flow Outdoor area (includes a growing area, Balancing Beam, Wormery and Story Teller Chair)
  • Messy play area
  • Flexible Open play area (includes a Home Corner, Dressing Up and Music & Movement area)
  • Conservatory housing our Book Corner & Cosy area
  • Toilet facilities
  • Access to Information and Communication Technology

Sensory Room

To complement our Baby, Toddler and Pre-School rooms, Incredible Kids also offer a self-contained Sensory Room.

The stimulating, soothing, colourful yet tranquil surroundings of our Sensory Room which is dedicated to children of all ages (even our staff love it) allows rich and varied experiences enabling the exploration of textures, lights and sounds using their senses (sight, smell, sound & touch).

Sensory play provides enormous benefits for children; such benefits include:

  • Safe, secure & calming environment allowing children to relax and let their exploratory minds evolve
  • Encourage Social and language skills
  • Encourages Social interaction and awareness of others
  • Stimulates children’s brains leading to vast learning opportunities
  • Promote the learning of new skills
  • Encourages hand and eye coordination