Key Workers and Children

We understand that young children need familiar adults to depend upon for support, reassurance and comfort.

At Incredible Kids Day Nurseries we are very proud of our key person approach where we assign an experienced key person to each child who joins our nursery so they always have a dedicated, familiar adult whom they can trust available to them.

It’s a special role that involves responsibility for working with a small number of children giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for. The key person also builds close bonds with parents as we recognise that parents are their children’s most important educators and work with us to encourage continued learning at home.

Our key workers help our babies and children become familiar with their settings, and to feel confident and safe within them. They build a genuine bond with their children and offer a settled, close relationship, comfort and support. We understand that when children feel happy, safe and secure in this way that they are confident to explore and try out new things.

Key Workers and Parents

It’s really important when your child’s at nursery that you feel confident and reassured they’re in safe hands.

Our key workers build positive relationships, regularly talking to parents to make sure each child is being cared for appropriately and that their home and nursery routines are consistent. They also keep records of each child’s development and progress whilst at nursery.

Our values of trust, honesty, and openness are important to the key person role and for our parents as they know they are values they can trust.

We understand how difficult it can be for parents, whilst trying to balance the needs of their children with other essential commitments.

Record Keeping

Daily reports providing information on mealtimes, behaviour and progress are available for parents at the end of each session. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in parents evenings, open days and special events with their child whilst they are at nursery. This helps parents to feel involved, engage with the staff team and to have confidence in their child’s day care routine and development.